Excel at Work & Life Challenge ​


“No longer am I focused just on the Destination-on that ‘someday’ when life will be fun, and I’ll be happy and fulfilled. The approach has helped me stop chasing tomorrow and start living today!”

– George B., LA

“As a new leader in a fast-paced, multidisciplinary, and highly competitive field, I knew we had to create a unique culture to achieve our mission. Roger worked with me every step of the way to nurture a risk-taking culture that engages our team members at all levels to embrace their autonomy, work together to innovate and learn from their setbacks. Any coach can offer advice, but Roger used his deep understanding of my strengths and weaknesses to customize an approach that improved my leadership skills while advancing our mission. The unique culture we have created is now self-reinforcing and brings us closer to achieving our mission every day.” – Mike
“The ‘Excel at Work & Life Challenge’ has allowed me to considerably shift my mindset around my personal and professional life in such a positive way. I can be a spontaneous person, sometimes to my detriment, but focusing on one specific area/goal each week with intention really helped me zero in on my true goals and passions in life. The structure of the program was logical, the weekly check-ins were very enjoyable, and the Excel Planner was a game-changer for me.” – Samantha C.,Insight, Inc.


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