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Beyond Change: Accelerating Transformation

Series (four sessions) begins April 6th
Change is certain, buy-in isn’t
The Beyond Change: Accelerating Transformation program grounds leaders in the fundamentals of effective change and transformation, equipping them with the insights and tools to garner committed action. Based on a proven four-step framework - Envision, Engage, Equip and Execute, the program sets leaders up to generate commitment and overcome obstacles to lead others successfully through change and transformation.

The Excel at Work & Life Challenge

Series (seven sessions, including series Launch) begins March 30th
Achieve greater balance in life
Jump-start your journey to greater success in all aspects of your life! It’s about more than just getting things done. It’s about setting goals in each key facet of your life and taking purposeful action to achieve them in a way that leaves you feeling energized. Whether you’re seeking greater focus on your most important goals or looking to realize even greater levels of success, the Excel at Work & Life Challenge provides the structure, discipline, motivation, encouragement, tools and support you need to realize greater success and balance at work and in life.


April 7th from 10:00-10:45am Eastern
The ART of Coaching:
Accelerating Individual and Organizational Performance.

Free Webinar

The word, coach, often evokes a sports analogy, with images of a team coach shouting instructions from the sideline or huddled with the team in the locker room giving pre-game words of encouragement. In business, a coach has come to describe not only the role a leader plays, but also the activity of providing feedback, support, and direction to accelerate individual, team, and organizational performance.


April 21st from 10:00-10:45am Eastern
Building a Culture of Accountability:
Moving Beyond Good Intentions

Free Webinar

A culture of accountability is critical for high performing teams. Without accountability there is no execution, yet many leaders and team members struggle to hold each other to account, particularly when key stakeholders sit outside of their immediate work team. .


May 5th from 10:00-10:45am Eastern
Where Will Your Day Take You?

Five Things You Should Be Doing Every Morning to Excel at Work and in Life

Free Webinar

AEven though today’s world is filled with chaos and uncertainty, you wake up each morning to a day of new possibilities. Setting the right tone for the day is critical before you set a foot in the office (wherever it may be). How you start your day has a tremendous impact on what you’ll accomplish and how fulfilled you’ll feel as a result.