Every successful person has had a coach, and likely still has a coach. Whether it’s in sports, politics, entertainment or business, people achieve more if they have the support of someone who pushes them to challenge their assumptions, overcome their self-limiting beliefs, discover their purpose and take action to realize their potential.

Why Use an Excel Coach?

Traditional coaching engagements place an emphasis on enhancing effectiveness in the workplace, but sustainable success at work is only possible when you have balance and fulfillment across all other areas of your life. The Excel 4 E coaching system helps people not only enhance effectiveness at work, but realize greater success, balance and fulfillment in all facets of their lives.

How it Works

Based on the Life Success Facets™ model, the Excel coaching process takes a holistic approach to defining success in each facet of a leader’s life: Growth, Well-Being, Connection, Work, Leisure and Purpose. During a series of one-on-one coaching conversations, an Excel coach guides the leader through the process of establishing meaningful goals, translating those goals into actions, and executing to realize sustainable, lasting results.


The journey beings with a clear picture of success in each facet of the leader’s life. A blueprinting exercise yields insights on why success is important, what it will look and feel like to achieve it, and a firm grounding in current state.


A stakeholder engagement process yields critical insights and candid feedback from people who have a vested interest in the leader’s success.


Success requires an unyielding focus on what matters most. A planning exercise helps the leader discover the specific actions needed to achieve greater levels of success.


With an action plan in place, the leader moves forward to establish new habits, develop new skills and apply new learnings, reflecting and seeking continual feedback from key stakeholders along the way.


Successful people are magnets. People gravitate to them and are inspired to achieve their own success. At Excel, we know a coaching investment in one leader delivers exponential results for the team, and for the organization. To realize the sustainable change from development efforts, Excel recommends a 6-month engagement. Leaders looking to leverage the process to enhance team effectiveness can opt for the expanded team format.


Contact us to learn how Excel Leadership Coaching can help leaders– and their teams– excel to new levels. We look forward to hearing from you!